2020 marks the 8th anniversary of the death of dancer and choreographer Nigel Charnock.

This year also marks the first re-staging of his work since his death. National Dance Company Wales restaged Nigel’s work Lunatic in spring this year but after just three performances, the remaining UK tour has been cancelled due to Covid 19. 

Nevertheless we wanted to celebrate this first revival, and have put together (made available?)  a digital selection of work online at Nigel’s Vimeo channel:

Vimeo Channel: Nigel Charnock Vimeo Channel

Restaging Nigel Charnock’s Lunatic at National Dance Company Wales (32mins) Link to film on Vimeo

A visually rich video discussion about the re-staging of Lunatic in 2020 for National Dance Company of Wales with former artistic director Fearghus Ó Conchúir and Gary Clarke. Using video of the performance and stunning photography of the process alongside a journey through Nigel’s archive the discussion takes the audience through the process of remounting Lunatic in Nigel’s absence.

Human Being (62 mins).

Previously unseen full recording of Nigel’s 1997 solo show, featuring music by Nicholas Skilbeck. The flier for the original performance reads;

“Nigel Charnock is back from the dead – with a warning straight from hell.    Love him, hate him, but whatever you do SEE HIM.

“With a devastating beautiful performance, Charnock reveals body and soul in an obscenely hilarious show about love, sex and death.”

“A brilliant act of Total theatre… courageous, honest and very, very funny.”

You (7mins)

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015. Leeds International Film Festival 2015. Frame London Dance Film Festival 2016. IZM Dance Screen Competition 2016 ( Nominated for Best Short under 8 Mins ). DFA New York Dance Film Festival 2017. BFI Flare 2017. San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2017. 

Verbal and physical slapstick suggests darker truths behind love, sex, and relationships. This danced monologue is an interpretation of a sequence from Nigel’s 1995 solo show Resurrection. Performed by Dan Watson.

Still (5mins) Link to film on Vimeo

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2015. 

A duet for two men taken from Still, a long form piece of work Nigel choreographed for Candoco Dance Company in 2009. At the time he commented “with every piece I make there is part of me in there, its always about people and how people deal with each other, its always about relationship rather than relationships, and more so in this piece about the loss of that, about losing someone.” (extract the Candoco Archive https://youtu.be/3Yo9eUJfkg4 ) Performers Darren Anderson and Christopher Lloyd Owen originated the work with Nigel in 2009.

The Nigel Charnock Estate & Archive. 

The Nigel Charnock advisory group are happy to make a first announcement regarding the archiving of  Nigel’s work. The Nigel Charnock Archive is an initiative to collect and preserve Nigel’s work for public access and performance research. A Facebook page has been set up to keep people informed of the developments over the next few years.

The archive is in the process of being complied, and is currently edited and maintained by Graham Clayton-Chance and Nick Mercer.

For more updates from the Archive and access to video documentation;

Facebook page: The Nigel Charnock Archive

Vimeo Channel: Nigel Charnock Vimeo Channel

If you have any material you can donate to the Archive please get in touch with us at mail@nigelcharnock.co.uk .

Advisory Group

An advisory group has been set up to manage enquiries relating to Nigel’s projects at  mail@nigelcharnock.co.uk

2 August 2012

Nigel Charnock, the performer, choreographer and director, died late yesterday at St Christopher’s Hospice in South London. He had been diagnosed with Cancer of Undiagnosed Primary in the middle of June this year.

Nigel was responsible for an extraordinary body of work. A maverick and totally captivating performer, Nigel ruptured the boundaries of performance using different disciplines and media to redefine dance as a genre. His joyful, humorous, uncompromising, all-singing-and-dancing, professional working attitude has influenced and changed the lives of artists and performers across the world.

Described in The Independent as “body poet and word dancer… a virtuoso in daring.”, Nigel was midway in the development of one of his most ambitious projects to date for his own company. A short section of this evening of work entitled 10 Men was previewed, to unanimous acclaim, at British Dance Edition and Duckie earlier this year. 

Nigel is internationally acclaimed for a string of unique solo performances which include Human Being, Hell Bent, Original Sin, Resurrection, Frank and most recently One Dixon Road. Renowned for his inspirational teaching and mentoring, Nigel worked regularly and relentlessly with dance centres and independent artists throughout Europe, Israel and Canada, undertaking many choreographic commissions. 

In recent years he created new work for Louise Lecavalier (Canada), Candoco Dance Company, Ludus and National Dance Company of Wales (UK) as well as ongoing collaborations with jazz musicians Michael Riessler and Gwilym Simcock. Beginning his performing career in Ludus and Extemporary Dance Theatre, Nigel became a founder member of DV8. He formed his own company – Nigel Charnock + Company in 1995 and was Artistic Director of Helsinki Dance Company from 2002 to 2005. He toured Stupid Men (an ensemble of male performers) from 2006 and enjoyed an inspirational partnership with Wendy Houstoun. As a celebrated creator and performer throughout the world Nigel was simultaneously acclaimed as both “a national treasure” (Arts Council of England) and branded “the unreconstructed bad boy of physical theatre” by London Metro.

If you wish to share words, thoughts, memories please post below, email mail@nigelcharnock.co.uk,

Thank you

A Night with Nigel

On Saturday 29 September 2012, A Night with Nigel took place at Greenwich Dance, London. Thank you to those who shared in the experience and to those who sent thoughts from afar. Huge and heartfelt thanks to the following people and organisations who made the night possible:

Nigel Charnock

Adam Hooper, Amanda Davey, Amy McGann, Andrew Charnock, Anne Viau, Arnie Somogyi, Azusa Ono, Betsy Gregory, Brendan Keaney, Brian Brady, Caroline Staunton, Chris Copland, Chris Nash, Chris Owen, Christine Allen, Dan Watson, Darren Anderson, Deborah Saban, Emilyn Claid, Francesca Moseley, Gary Clarke, George Adams, Graham Clayton-Chance, Hattie Whitehead, Hugo Glendinning, Jack Keaney, Jamie Maisey, Jannick Moth, Janusz Orlik, Jocelyn Pook, Jonathan Jewett, Karsten Tinapp, Kat Bridge, Kate Scanlan, Keir Patrick, Keiran Charnock, Kenneth Tharp, Khamlane Halsackda, Lisa Benge, Lloyd Newson, Lorna Hirst, Lorna O’Connell, Louise Lecavalier, Luke Ganz, Luke Pell, Maddy Morgan, Marie Morin, Martha Oakes, Maude Laflamme, Melanie Pappenheim, Micha Macher, Mike Winter, Morgan Cloud, Nadja Dias, Nick Mercer, Olive Kane, Patrick Brett, Patrick Lamothe, Peter Charnock, Peter Sturn, Philippe Dupeyroux, Rachel Gibson, Roswitha Chesher, Sebastian Langueneur, Steve Wald, Theo Samsworth, Tim Casson, Tim Whitehead, Timothy Hext, Tom Millar, Victoria Monaghan, Wendy Houstoun, William Samman, Yorgos Karamalegkos

Candoco Dance Company, Dance Umbrella, DV8, Government of Quebec, Greenwich Dance, The Place, Trinity Laban, Volcano Theatre Company


Thank you for all donations received so far.


Dear N,

You were too much.
Too funny. Not just plain funny but, you know: silly funny, witty funny, biting funny, cutting funny, ferocious funny, despondent funny, frightening funny.
And physical too. Yes too physical by half. Too body, body. Too bodily body to be theatre and too entertaining to be serious. So they said. I think you were seriously entertaining…
and fast. Always so fast. Too fast to be pinned down, too passionate to be tamed, too lawless to be controlled, too anarchic, too articulate for fools and way, way, way too witty, twitty and gritty with all that word play. All that word play.
Playing itself out –

And while we’re at it, you were too human too. Yes, much too human. Too daringly human. Leaving nothing out.
Yes, you were much too unedited for all that good taste. All that form and line and shape and all those other desperately important things called ART.
Just too in-yer-face. Too rude, crude and dirty for comfort.
Dark too. Dark and dangerous. Yes. Dark, dangerous and agonized. Too agonized, too hysterical, too over-the-top.
Too over the top and verbal. Vocal. Verbose. Vomiting verbosity all over the place with that mouth and jaw of yours.
And merciless too. Mercilessly tender. Unsettlingly tender. Virtuosically tender…..and raw.
You always looked too raw. Too real. Too exposed and too vulnerable for your own good.
Way too vulnerable with that robustly fragile, translucent, ghostly white, boney body of yours sweating away.
Yes. You were just too sweaty. Too sweaty, silly and stupidly sexy.

But kind though. Cautiously kind. Kind, soft and tender.
Softly tender. Too tender. Too full of feeling.
Ludicrously full of feeling.

And repetitive too. God were you repetitive.

On and on about the same stuff all the time.

Death. Yes. On and on about death all the time.
Death -Death – Death- Death –Death -Death -Death. Non-stop. Always banging on about death – Banging on about dying – Falling and dying. Falling down and dying – Leaping – falling and dying- Drowning and dying. Collapsing and dying – Running with open arms – gesturing -falling and dying. Running -falling -getting up – falling -getting up -falling -getting up -throwing the body towards a wall – falling and getting up and climbing a wall and falling and not getting up and dying … and falling and not getting up and………… on and on about death- and love- love and death- and death and love-

Yes love..… LOVE IN CAPITAL LETTERS – in small letters- love from a distance- love up close- love gone wrong- or nearly right-love lost-love found-love on the rebound- in sonnet form- in acts- spat out in tracts— garbled moves- strangled puns- whimpered cries- forlorn sighs- high kicking fights- spangly tights- all about love-shoving love into the air and watching it fall- unrequited love- forbidden love- unachievable love— yes banging on and on and on about love – – love songs- love poems- and love dying- dying love- love dying a death- yes- love dying a death –- and then breathing life back into the dying- and loving it all over again – on film- on stage- in words- and yes- in life- dying a death in life-too real and raw- too fragile- too quick- dying fast- dying too fast-too quick-dying way too quick-and too slow-
dying a slow slow quick quick slow death in life– dying a fast death in life- dying a fast death slowly in life-
Dying in life in love.

All too much.


Wendy Houstoun

  1. He was my inspiration as a dancer in the 90’s, when I was studying contemporary dance and ballet. I thought I was relating to his performances on every level. Technically, intellectually,creatively, emotionally, but now as an older woman, his body of work resonates with me so much more due to painful life experiences. I’m now in awe of how vulnerable he was on that stage. How brave he was with the exposure of his soul. It’s like he opens a vein and shows the world his shade of red, and is ready and willing to accept any scrutiny or ridicule in the minute happenstance of collective empathy and acceptance. I wish I could do that. He was my inspiration. Does anyone read this????

    Jennifer lyons
  2. You were a force to be reckoned with and I miss you greatly. I think about you a lot. Love you Mr C X

    Gary Clarke
  3. I spent two years with Nigel at the Welsh College of Music and Drama- he as a 3rd year and me in the 2nd. I witnessed first hand his development under the mentoring of Tim Hext as an astonishing physical performer. He also ran extra dance classes in the mornings before the college sessions started and I attended these for his final year. I can honestly say I have never hurt so much in my life. Nor had I felt so alive. Subsequently, as a professional theatre director myself, I followed his career throughout the intervening years,wherever possible trying see his work live. I heard about his death just as I was about to go on stage in the York Mystery Plays in 2012- Joseph that night had no need to act tears. I will always remember his energy, passion and threadbare sweaters. Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know. A talent to make us all aware of our own limitations and how to exceed them.

    Anthony Ravenhall
  4. Dear N,

    Three years on you are still on my mind-our minds

    And God I miss you-
    You and the line you were treading

    Today especially I am feeling the need of your soft loud charge to fight us
    Through and
    I reckon you would have something-quite a bit- to say-right now-
    and I so wish I could hear the rush of your open arms and spilled out mouth
    Giving it what for.

    And if I listen carefully –
    I can ever so nearly catch your quick fire slice of words
    Batting back the mayhem
    Conjuring a bit of momentary freedom and its chances

    Which is what we are missing.
    What I am missing.
    The heart and soul of chance
    Not zipped to the knee deep stuff and nonsense
    Building up- tower block high- around our ears.

    I have to say- Its all getting ever so pushy and shovey out there
    And it seems like we are all finding it hard to remember how to be human
    These days
    Finding it hard to put the joins where they should be.

    And I miss -so miss -and miss more
    Your laughter in the face of all that glossy achievement,
    all that irony free glamour, all that self important sincerity.

    You would laugh-
    You would have a laugh-
    You would have so much to laugh at you would cry
    And you could join me then
    In the achingly empty place and space
    You guarded for us-

    Where a bit of tender flight was up for grabs.

    Love and love

    Wendy Houstoun
  5. Nigel was one of my best friends at school in Abergele, in fact thanks to Nigel I studied harder than I otherwise would have done.

    We lost contact after school because I joined the RAF, but Nigel’s influence on me continued because my career involved a lot of study, but also because Nigel influenced my musical taste.

    I will always regret not staying in touch, but will never forget my friend and his quick wit.

    Bless you Nigel.


    Stephen Richards
  6. DEAR N.
    It’s been a year since we were singing and dancing your praises- and………………..

    Its different but yet not the same
    Now layers prowl around the frame of looking,
    being, in and out of rhythm – knowing.
    Here and now

    No meaning – point. That’s what you said.
    It’s nothing. No-Thing.
    No , you said it clearer when you woke and stared.
    Bequeathing me the need to speak it like it is.
    To please come clean and stake the claim to:

    Love. I love- the you- the me-
    The we were – we will- shall -be free-
    The flight- the drift , crap jokes- the ride.
    The open hand- skin close- eyes wide,
    Left now- now right- how right- just love-
    Just fight- with tooth and nail-
    Now stare-
    Now swear it on your life – your life?
    OK, my life then , yes, I swear to love
    This act- this tract- this pact with pointlessness.
    I swear. I swear. I swear.

    At last, I get your laugh. It’s sprawling through the clouds of smoke- my fags – my chimney mode of rote like blabbing on and on to nowhere, nothing.
    Over now then . Over, out.
    Now still the voice- bed down the shout.
    And whisper prayers , (but not to god ,another deaf twat ):
    Can it all cohere now, please?
    So pray again and once for luck,
    And fuck the rhyme , in silence now
    Pray one last time

    All down . All out. Out for the count.
    Sleep 1 .Sleep 2 . Sleep deep and
    Count the sheep until the dream goes on. Count sheep until the dream fades out.

  7. dear sweet nigel
    you felt like a comradely spirit while i was chomping at the bit when we were students at LCDS. we had a laugh. we got closer when I left. you took me to see Taxi Zum Klo at Battersea Art Centre. and then we went our ways but we waved from the distance.
    love you nigel

    peri mackintosh
  8. The most beautifully awkward creature to have ever danced.

    Castro Novak
  9. Saw 10 men at LGBT film festival last night really inspiring. I don’t usually like dance but it made me want to dance out of the cinema and shout ‘What a wonderful thing to be gay (or lesbian in my case) and dance so happy!’
    Wish I could dance like that!

  10. You were 19, me a year younger. You put on a record that was unfamiliar. It was Sibelius. Sibelius for God’s sake!

    Bless you Nigel, forever the iconoclast.

    Phil Babot
  11. Ciao Nigel,
    ti ricordo con tantissimo affetto. Di te mi è sempre piaciuta la tua follia. L’esser così unico e irripetibile.

    Sara Simeoni
  12. I saw Nigel perform with DV8 different times and it was wonderful, and then 3 solo shows which were extraordinary and inspirational and remain in my memory as if I’d seen them yesterday. And there was Stupid Men, and there were a couple of workshops which were let’s say challenging, one of which seemed to be hellbent on wrecking Chissenhale. And then I left the country. And there’s a very strong memory of the hyperactive unique motor-mouth camp-man-performer. May that memory never fade and always be a voice in my head spurring me on to take risks and never compromise my vision.

    Nikolai Galen
  13. Dear Nigel,
    hope you are dancing amidst the stars. Last night we went to see Keith Jarrett play at the RFH & saw you on the side of the stage in pure movement – as not so very long ago you danced to Keith Jarrett in the Level 5 Function Room – ONE if your most beautiful & moving creations. Like all true improvisers you drill deep, touching your joy & pain ’til you hit the art & your spirit bursts free. You will light up the skies like you always lit up a room. You always gave the best hugs – with the biggest hug & love & respect always.

    Caroline & Peter xxx
  14. Ah Nigel,
    what shall we do now? Said hello, you said hello back, got your foto and an autograph `love Nigel´ after a show in Munich, just for a laugh you know, (did you always carry these pics around?) and I took it home and put it away amused that I had `experienced´ you. Sometime later I came across your schoolkid picture again…. you black and white, grinning, sort of smartly taking the piss and all the time loveable, the kind of kid you want to sit next to in class. Chair is empty now, earthly life moving out and on, and on and on… Stay safe on your next journey Nigel.

    Tracy Bernhardt-Hettler
  15. Tell you what Nige- in among all this no-one seems to have mentioned how you managed to achieve all this by hacking from one place to another- staying in crap digs-working in shit rooms- checking in – checking out-scraping together a living – lurching straight from one project to another- little ongoing support-
    always on the move-wanting to slow down but not able to afford it-
    so that 30 years after you started you were in hardly any better position than when you started . The reason you “ relentlessly visited dance centres” was because you didn’t have money to make your work.
    On any level that deserved a medal- possibly before you were dead.

    Sorry to lower the tone but you know me…………
    Sorry. You knew me……..
    Sorry. I knew you……..

    wendy -
  16. Thank you Nigel….. for living purposefully, for rocking the Institution, for your courage, for your joy and laughter!

    See you!

    Marina de Quay
  17. Thinking of you so much tonight and wishing I was there to celebrate your glorious life. I knew of you for so much longer than I actually knew you but I am so grateful for the time I spent with you, watching you work was thrilling and an experience I shall never forget. So many people love you and miss you, thank you for the joy you brought, keep dancing Nigel, nos da cariad xx

  18. In 1993 I arrived to the UK ready to find a job with LCDT or Rambert…. a friend sat me down and showed me a video of a very strange dancer in a very strange work called “Strange Fish”……… My world turned upside down and never thought to perform the same way again. Thank you Nigel. Zx

    Zaimon Vilmanis
  19. Thank you for your great inspiration and daring brilliance

    Charlotte Thomas
  20. I only just found out after returning from a holiday abroad that you had left us. I will go to watch Red Wolf. I watched so many of your performances, admired your ideas and choreography and watched over the years so many new performances inspired by your exciting and daring productions. Definitely greatly missed.

    Lynne Dwyer
  21. For performing the wonderful Frank as the very first piece in our brand new arts centre building, and in the middle of it slagging off the ‘cheapo’ architects who designed it, for being Frank…

    Thank you

    Neil Mackenzie
  22. I want to say that there is no one like you Nigel. Your energy, so vital and utterly brilliant, is unforgettable.

    I send my heartfelt thoughts to your family and friends.

    Jane Mason
  23. I want to say that there is no one like you Nigel. Your energy, so vital and utterly brilliant, is unforgettable.

    I send my heartfelt thoughts to your family and friends.

    Jane Mason
  24. Nigel,
    I loved you from a far; it began with ‘Dead Dreams’. You gave yourself to us all and never asked for anything in return. The world of Dance owes you a debt of gratitude for changing its path forever. It won’t be the same without you in it but rest assured that we will continue to discuss you with future generations. Never forgotten.

    Lorna Jones
  25. Nigel,
    you are part of my life through dance.

    Ola Scibor
  26. gone but not forgotten

    Trevor Waldron
  27. The brightest stars burn the hottest, and you were HOT HOT HOT!

    I’m just glad I had the opportunity to feel that heat. You inspired so many – including a frightened young dancer from New Zealand – to be bold and brave and take risks…

    HOT HOT HOT supernova HOT!

    Brenton Surgenor
  28. Dear Nigel!
    Just discovered that you passed away.
    Even if I wasn’t in contact with you the last years, you have been present in my heart, mind and body.
    Thank you for the time I was privileged and lucky to share with you, for your intensity, courage, fearlessness, humour and inspiration.
    Thank you for choosing me as a one of the eleven Viennese dancers for the project entitled ELEVEN in 1995. A piece about sexuality – I felt so free and vital on stage! You were a master in guiding this diverse group of dancers and challenging us with warmth, humour, clarity and calmness. Still having the N° 5 Chanel perfume, you gave us as a gift for the premiere.
    Thank you for your openness and spontaneity. I send you a fax in 1996 asking you for support, being a mentor for one of my dance pieces – and you just came!
    Thank you for being a part of my life. Your spirit will always be with me.
    Love to you

    Anita Kaya
  29. When I drew you Nigel I felt I was drawing a man with fire in his soul, I loved that you said what you thought without a backward glance. An inspiration and a truly lovely man.

    Sally McKay
  30. Beautiful Nigel – Thank you! …for your l.o.v.e, strength, passion and freedom. Thank you for your dance!
    We´re so lucky to be with you in 2008. We´d like to see you again – We hope! xxx

    Honza Malik / NANOHACH comp. Prague
  31. Nigel Nigel Nigel, you are truly amazing and will remain so in my eyes and in my body forever more. Until we meet again, toodlepip, you delightful wonderful man. RIP Nigel

    Julia Griffin
  32. I think those of us that were around probably exprienced the same level of Acid burning intensity that Nigel created on stage both as a dancer/performer and a director.

    For me the seering beauty of the Creative Edge was made manifest in his work.

    I wrote this in the shock of the news of Nigel’s death and now rather late in the day am posting it here with my thoughts to Luke and Nigel’s family.

    Struan Leslie
  33. Nigel Charnock was our artistic director in siwic 2005 and last year in siwic 2011. in this time he became more than a professional director – he became a friend. his death is a shock, a great loss. he still has his place in our hearts. why does good people like him have to go so early? soon our book about 15 years of siwic will be published – nigel is on the coverside. a choice that has been made before his death. his directions for last siwic were: we will scream, shout, whisper, rant, sing, grunt, laugh, cry and dance!

    in sorrow. regina christen, director of swiss international coaching project (siwic) in zurich, switzerland

    Regina Christen
  34. I’m speechless still, you have been the guiding light, the benchmark, the inspiration.

    From One Dixon Road performed in Jerusalem- while drawing a big circle with his finger in the air Nigel says: ‘rubbish, shit, there is no now… all there is is this, there’s nothing else, it’s nothing, and what does this mean, nothing….It’s absolutely, totally, beautifully, divinely, amazingly meaningless, right, I’m glad we got that sorted now’

    You are sorely missed.

    Yael Flexer
  35. Like so many, I first knew Nigel’s work through those raw VHS moments in DV8 and how it opened my eyes and saw for the first time how REAL and AUTHENTIC performance could and should be. My work changed, as did so many others, and so the landscape is different and the echoes of your footsteps will resound though so sadly you won’t be here to keep making them.
    My thoughts are with all who knew and loved you, especially those closest to your vulnerable, humourous, generous spirit.

  36. I had photographed Nigel on numerous occasions while he was with DV8 and he was truly amazing. He was great to work with. I am shocked and deeply saddened by his death.

    Eleni Leoussi
  37. Only Champagne Darling..

    Bex Burch
  38. An absolute shock and very sad news.

    Paul Sadot
  39. Dearest Nigel, The Nige, Nigelinho….!
    I’m wearing the earring you helped me choose when we were in Ouro Preto. Torrential downpours, gold gilt churches, dogs barking… Marching up incredibly steep hills, following you, going at a tremendous rate of knots in the sizzling midday sun!
    Head upside down, looking at you through my legs, warm-up at Galpão Cine Horto, Belo Horizonte. Nossa Senhora! Crikey! I’m in a rehearsal space with Nigel Charnock!!! Months of planning and then there you were, in Brasil. You passed so much to me – sweaty, fun, balloon bursting joy! Becuase of you I can swim under water, because of you I can fly. I love you. I miss you… x10

    Margaret Swallow, f.a.b. - The Detonators
  40. I met Nigel for the first time when he lead a workshop for Hungarian dancers at SÍN in Budapest. Next year, he came back to create a piece for us, called Revolution. We think he was a Revolution itself. His wildness and sensibility, his vulnerability and truthfulness. He taught us many things and one thing for all, Love. I think, LOVE was his energy, and he passed it for us. Thank you Nigel!

    In Yours Arms

    In your arms I’m rocking, rocking,
    In your arms you’re rocking, rocking ,
    In your arms I am a boychild,
    In my arms you are a girlchild,
    In your arms you hold me tightly
    when I’m scared,
    when my arms can hold you tightly,
    I’m not scared
    When you’re holding me, not even
    death’s huge hushaby
    can frighten me.
    In your arms through death as dreaming
    I will fall so
    Miklós Radnóti ( 1941)

    Zoltán Nagy, and others from SÍN
  41. I only just found out and am totally in shock! An incredible influence and a performer who inspired many and truly amazed me whenever i saw him live or on film. So very sad and hard to believe he has gone.

    Paul Sadot
  42. Nigel has inspired me often with his performances and his teaching. Brilliant does not do him justice. He was, in a very real sense, an independent artist.

    He showed me that dance could be joyful and funny and serious and emotional and talking and singing and light and totally committed.

    In my early years as an artist I studied him and I copied him. He was one of the models of the artist I wanted to be. I still take my socks off in the manner that he did in one of his early solos.

    I was very nervous when I met him earlier this year when I was co-hosting the BDE cabaret. I very tentatively asked him how he would like us to introduce his Ten Man show. He said

    ‘You can say what the fuck you like. You can tell ’em its a solo by Russell Maliphant for all I care’. Gold

    Pete Shenton
  43. I meet Nigel for the first time when he lead a workshop for a professional development programme organised by East London dance a couple of years ago. But I had heard loads about him. And He blew us all away – with his humour, daring, energy, generosity. We were so revved up and inspired. I was looking forward to seeing this show. A great loss…. but thank you Nigel.

  44. Every one of Nigel’s performances I have seen has taken my breath away. A truly inspiring artist whose commitment, intellect, wit and physical presence create peak experiences for audiences. If there’s anything beyond life and death he is out there, leaping, flying with the brightest.

    Lucy Lepchani
  45. Thank-you for showing me dance is far more than moving in time and space. It can do much more.

    Sarahleigh Castelyn
  46. I first saw Nigel in Strange Fish when I was a student in Glasgow nearly 20 yrs ago and watched out for DV8 and his work since then. It blew me away. So fiercely alive, dark and cathartically honest, and true. I’m overwhelmed with sadness and a sense of unseasonable loss since opening the Guardian’s obituary page 20 mins ago – I assumed we’d still have his influence on and own pieces for a lot longer. And I’m so struck by the consistency in descriptions of those who knew him directly and through his work. A lesson in how to live your life fully and in how much and truth you can put into a performance…. Thank you.

    Jenny Pearce
  47. It was a great inspiration to have met Nigel… Performances, Workshops and you were a great inspiration to the students who worked with you in Cologne.

    Paul Melis
  48. Meeting and working with Nigel had a massive impact on me, as a person and as a performer. He gave us license to be outrageous. He freed us and inspired us and challenged us and pushed us and made us laugh and allowed us to make other people laugh and experience something and have fun. And he shoved a Christmas Tree down George’s trousers on the first day we met him. Thinking of Luke and all close friends and family x x x

    Becca Thomas
  49. Talented, fierce, funny, intelligent, delightful. NC: a life-affirming experience. Nobody did it better.

    Dawn Prentice
  50. I worked with Nigel on his solo shows in the 1990s – Hell Bent, Original Sin and Human Being. And what a human being Nigel was and what an extraordinary performer – funny, athletic, full of angst and full of grace. You, and your talent will be sorely missed.

    Bridget Thornborrow
  51. Adrenalin infused and able to make make laugh

    Jeremy White
  52. Legend.

  53. It was 20 years ago and we were ‘only’ students but you took such great care of us. I have never, ever forgotten your kindness.

  54. I’m remembering a duet we danced way back in our early 20’s, fast, furious and fun….your inspiration will live on..

    Jessica Cohen - Earthfall
  55. Nigel hai illuminato la mia vita il mio cammino la mia arte.
    Grazie per la tua energia.
    So che brilli nel cielo.
    Per sempre.
    Alzo la testa e ti vedo.

    Chiara Pauluzzi
  56. I worked on the press for Nigel’s solo shows during the 1990s and on subsequent shows for the Charnock Company. The poster from Human Being still hangs on my wall. And Nigel was an amazing human being and a performer of great talent – a truly dangerous, unsettling performer who was funny, full of energy, angst and grace. I am so sad that he is gone. It is far too soon. Many condolences to Nigel’s family and close friends.

    Bridget Thornborrow
  57. A great artist, that’s all.

  58. nigel,
    thanks for the immense inspiration you gave me as a dancer and choreographer.through the fact that dance looked “different” through your body + spirit, a whole generation (and the next….)could realize new dreams.
    i wish you a fantastic inspired energetic trip full of peace,light and colours!see you,,,,

    nicole berndt caccivio
  59. thank you Nigel!! been Hier and inspiring, giving, electrifing all over the Dance Word!!! i hope you found a great place now! there were you are now!!
    love Teresa

    teresa rotemberg
  60. Words are never enough at times like these, but thanks Nigel for all the brilliant, funny, grotesque, absurd and extraordinarily eloquent shows you sat on our laps. Five stars.

    Keith Watson
  61. So glad I had the chance to work with you.
    Thanks for Cann-Cann, thanks for all the fun, thanks for daring, thanks for sharing.

    Endless love,

    Víctor Pérez
  62. Nigel, you created a wonderful work for us – Lunatic. Yes, it was about you and your thoughts; those sleepless nights when you looked at the moon, listened to music and were inspired to create another incredible production. We were honoured to work with you – to share some of your energy and boundless enthusiasm. Thank you Nigel – thank you for being you.

    Ann Sholem and everyone at National Dance Company Wales
  63. I will remember Nigel during a high water evening in Venice.
    He was so exited about that walking into the deep water. We laughed so much. Thank you Nigel, I will not cease to amaze myself.

    Barbara Stimoli
  64. Uncle Nigel.
    What can I say, “awesome”

    Craig Charnock
  65. When i was in my end twenties studying dance, Nigel in ” Dead Dreams of monocrome men ” had been a big inspiration. I was lucky to work with him in a workshop and meet him later in Berlin. In a way I always felt close and related to him and do so now. There are no exact words for it. It is movement which remains.

    Zahiro Kai Esko
  66. I did a workshop with Nigel at Dartington College of Arts in 1993 – it was the most influential and inspirational moment of my theatrical training. Physical Theatre became my passion and Nigel was my guide. His work informed my work and later he became an inspiration to my students as I shared what I had learnt from him with them. He has left an amazing legacy and I will forever be grateful and inspired. Thank you Nigel. x

    Niki Clarke
  67. It was an honour to be one of Nigel’s first teachers of contemporary dance, along with Tim Hext, at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. He was an outstanding talent – a striking, individual voice, honest and brave.

    Caroline Lamb
  68. So many indelible memories of Nigel’s work around the world, particularly in italy where I worked for years and where he is much admired. It just doesn’t seem possible that he won’t be making any more.
    Up into the light, Nigel.

    Brendan Griggs
  69. Nigel’s performances had an enormous impact on me, they still burn and his bravery was a charge to do better, to be more ambitious for all of us. Dear Luke I send my love and good thoughts.

    Siobhan Davies
  70. I first met Nigel Charnock at a dance summer school I was attending through Chapletown Dance Theatre (Leeds), where he was taking a workshop which I attended. It inspired me so much and was the first time I had experienced physical theatre. Not only his strength, stamina and unique teaching style but most importantly for me, he was able to do it with this fantastic humour which still influences me in my work today. I had the pleasure of also taking one of his classes when I was in training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. He will be sorely missed, and hope that his light will shine through my work to influence other people as he did me. Rest In Peace Nigel xxx

    Jason Pennycooke
  71. I am very sad. Seeing Nigel perform in DV8’s ‘Strange Fish’ at The Royal Northern College of Music (I think it was 1993 or 94) was one of the most moving and wonderful nights I have spent in a theatre. He was, quite simply, spell binding to behold and listen to. Such warmth, such openness and humanity. A physical and emotional risk taker. A treasure of beautiful vulnerability. Fragile yet Unbreakable. Hilarious, yet heart-breaking. Alone but always, always hopeful. He possessed an energy, presence and directness that all performers strive for but few can achieve. I never met Nigel, but have thought about the two hours I spent in a theatre with him (nearly 20 years ago) many times since… And his line from that show: “There’s no such thing as strangers – only friends you haven’t met yet.” Well, with that in mind: Goodbye old friend.

    Guy Hargreaves
  72. Classic Nigel: in a Q+A a couple of years ago he was asked, “When you are creating this work (solo), do you ever have anyone in to mentor/ act as an external eye” he looked a little nonplussed then said ” That would make it a duet, I am creating a solo!” Over the years I have amassed some great memories of Nigel and some wonderful ( and at times very gentle) put downs. He was a one off, unique, multi-talented, a Diva when he wanted to be but mostly exceptionally skilled, a laugh, thoughtful, a workaholic, full of contradiction at times in his work, but that’s what made it work, an inspiration to all who follow in is gigantic footsteps. You will be forever missed because you gave so much. I will still light the candle ;)

    Karen Gallagher
  73. Still have the images of Nigel inserting himself desperately between the couple, and dropping into the water pool in Strange Fish (at the Riverside Studios no idea what year but some time ago) – mesmerising. Always charismatic, beautiful and brought humour to a sometimes self regarding art form. will be much missed.

    caroline hollway
  74. Deeply touched, we thank you for your beautiful and inspiring work. Our thoughts are close to Nigel’s family and friends.

    Angela for tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf
  75. I was lucky enough to work with Nigel in 2010, and he really is such an inspirational person! From reading other dance artists, choreographers and peoples stories of Nigel, it really does put it into perspective what an incredible, talented and amazing man he was. He had something very rare to offer the world. If I hadn’t met him, I would be a completely different dance artist..He had opened my eyes and made me see life differently! Working with him has been the best three weeks of my dancing career. Not many people can say they have had a truly positive effect on someone, but he definitely can!! The world misses you Charnock.

    Ellen Turner
  76. Cant believe Nigel’s gone. I had the privilege of working with him in the 90s. I will remember his wonderful teaching espeically when he blind folded us all and asked us to dance. Truly amazing and inspirational and the reason why I carried on into a dance career.

    Claire Taylor
  77. Dear Nigel.
    Tank you for so many amazing moments.You are a powerful performer.
    I will miss you so much.

    Marcelo Gabriel
  78. Nigel was not someone I knew much about until he contacted me to find out if he could work with Gwilym Simcock on an improvised dance project. Both performers are brilliant improvisers, and Nigel had always dreamt of working with a great jazz musician at some stage. Gwilym accepted the challenge with his usual enthusiasm and the result was two performances at the Purcell Room at the 2010 London Jazz Festival. Right from the off the audience were enthralled at Nigel’s brilliance and his humour. Not only was Nigel an incredible dancer, he bubbled with ideas, with wit and with an extraordinary ability to communicate to an audience. At times I felt Gwilym found it hard to contain his laughter as Nigel moved around the piano, the under the piano, then onto the piano stool, around the stage and into the audience, even up the ladder into the sound booth. Nowhere was out of bounds for him. He made the music come alive in a way that led me to tell Gwilym after the show that I would never be able to listen to his music again without thinking of Nigel.
    The last time I saw Nigel was earlier this year when he had cycled in icy conditions from south London to the 606 in Chelsea to see Gwilym play. He came to many gigs and always looked forward to working together again. We all had plans to develop another project, but sadly it was not to be. We will miss you.

    Christine Allen
  79. A terrible loss. I first saw you live in “Fever,” and thought, what a madman. Earlier I had seen you on film, in the Monochrome Men and Strange Fish, and I marveled, what an uncanny comedian and dancer, what an individual! You’ve inspired many, and nothing really will be lost. Fare well.

    Johannes Birringer
  80. Our Nigel,

    We laughed so much through our two long interviews, at the Drill Hall in 2007 and The Cut, 2008. I have lived with your contradictory, infuriating, passionate, funny, provocative, bitchy, thoughtful, poetic, sexy words for the past five years, like a brother, poking and tickling. Repeatedly. A few:

    ‘ why I am doing improvisation is because I aim to make it alive as possible, in the moment, there, because for me that is what theatre particularly is about, it is that moment of liveness.’

    ‘I am an entertainer. I like to entertain people and make them laugh and move people and communicate with them and put myself out there as an entertainer. That is what I am doing. Most of the time I am not thinking I am making art. Or I am making something very worthy or political. I am there to entertain people – to stop them thinking about their fucking awful dreadful lives for a few minutes’.

    ‘With improvisation, its really hard work. And for me it’s a very subtle thing, its like tuning in a radio somewhere in Poland or something like that- ooh sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t. Its very delicate and fragile… its about being absolutely out of control and absolutely in control at the same time. And its that thing about being absolutely present and absolutely absent at the same time’.

    ‘ I once had an operation on my ankle and it is the first time I had a general anaesthetic in my life and it was like three or four hours of my life that were absent, completely missing. It must be like being dead or something and I just thought – it was amazing – wow that was good, that was good, can I do it again? Its lovely. Its brilliant. Ooh that was like you were dead, or you just weren’t, there was no you, no sense of you for a few seconds’.

    ‘The whole thing to me is an absolute joke – it is a total illusion, its like a performance and I am just playing around with everybody. And I am sorry and I really care about your mother who is dying and I really care about Iraq but actually I don’t because I know that it’s just not happening. That it is just being arising. It’s just arising’.

    ‘And it is something about standing out there, on my soap box, on my pulpit and saying these things and you know, years ago if people had asked me is there a message in your show or are you trying to get across something? I would say ‘Oh no, there is no message because there are no answers. Its just mainly making the audience think about things or giving them a choice or perspective or whatever. Now I say – absolutely there is a message, that is why I am getting up there and still doing it. Saying you are like this and you are like this and we are like this and actually its all a fucking joke… So stop it. Stop trying to make your life work, stop trying to… I just attack. I get so angry. I get angry. All religions, all religions – all faiths – terrible terrible terrible… Its all about separation’.

    ‘NC: Seeing for the first time Billie Whitelaw doing ‘Not I’ – Samuel Beckett – which is just a mouth. I was just crying. I cried watching this solo.
    MD: When did you see it?
    NC: It must have been 1990. 1989. It was just like – uugh- it was like an expression of everything that I was feeling or everything I had felt. Just the whole thing – it was just a mouth and just words and this torrent of words. I think it is something to do with this person who has not spoken for like 40 years and suddenly there is this outpouring, this burst of language and someone who can say anything they want. And I love the simplicity. The purity of it. it seemed to me a total expression of the human condition in life, in 20 minutes. An absolute expression of the meaning of life. I cried all the way through.’

    Misri Dey
  81. We met recently to chat about things. Nigel was always exceptional, funny, brilliant, uber creative. Stacked with ideas. Watching him dance in Derek Jarmen’s film adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s Elizabethan Drama, King Edward 11, has had an abiding impact on me and I’m very greatful.

    Mark Baldwin
  82. Went to as many of his productions as I could reach – always inspiring, thought provoking, beautiful and intensely moving – they will always be important memories. A truly great and wonderful artist – thank you.

    Eliz-anne Williams
  83. I only met Nigel once and thought he was one of the most exotic things I had ever seen. As he left I remember thinking, ‘I just met Nigel Charnock! I just met Nigel Charnock!’

    He was part of the reason Steven and I suddenly found a purpose and a direction and started doing what we do. He was that extraordinary performer from Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men, the VHS that changed my life! He was one of the brilliant minds behind the stunning L.O.V.E by Volcano! He was iconic, brilliant, unique.

    Nigel, so many people do what they do because you did what you did. You were an immensely skilled and fearless trail blazer. So many of us should be eternally grateful.

    Thank you for being you


    Scott Graham, Frantic Assembly
  84. Thank you Nigel, for your passion, your energy, your maverick and indomitable spirit. Thank you for the moves you made, the freedom you allowed, the intensity you inspired. Thank you for Still, for never being still, for still being here in all our bodies minds and hearts.

    Ellie Baker
  85. His hands are clenched as though to say, everything is mine. i willl inherit it all. when he departs form the world his hands are open, as though to say, i have acqiured nothing from the world. love your talent and fourioso in every second we have spent in SiWiC (Schweizerischer Weiterbildungskurs in Choreographie) 2005/2011 miss you

    denise lampart
  86. Oh, Nigel. Our always beautiful boy. You lit a way and so many of us followed. The landscape is different from what is was before you walked it. And you did it all with such panache. Sorry you’ve gone.

  87. Where ever you are Nigel. Thank you for saying all that you said through your work. Your rawness and honesty is something I will always hold in such regard and will never ever forget. I never got to meet you,but i followed your work, and its always been a compass for my work.. orientating towards saying it truthfully. Your energy, vitality, and ability to place fire where fire was needed, to wake us all up out of theatrical slumbers.
    Your ability to speak without fear.
    Your vitality.
    Your craftsmanship.
    And your dizzying presence in performance i will treasure and always remember.
    Wherever you are….
    Thank you.

    Cai Tomos
  88. Really saddened to hear the news of Nigel’s passing. It is hard to communicate how I feel except deep sadness. The only snippet I can share is to say thank you Nigel for your inspiration as a perfomer and wonderful human being. Thank you for your warmth, wit and sensitivity. Thanks also for being a fellow dancer in my formative years when we danced in Extemporary Dance Theatre. You will be missed.

    Hopal Romans
  89. Truly original and always entertaining. He used to stuff envelopes for us when nothing else was on the cards. He did that with panache too.

    Ros Fry
  90. Nigel has always been the ‘ I want to be like him when I grow up,’ artist. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Jonathan McGrath
  91. So verysad! You were so very goodand inspriring. x

  92. X.

    Ray Holman
  93. NIGEL CHARNOCK’S famous last words to me: “See you again maybe.” Yes, I thought, I’d like that.

    André Thériault
  94. I’ve been trying to muster the words I want to say for the past three days. I can only begin to try. Working with you on Still was the best! I marvelled at your vision, drive, energy, taste in music, humour and depth of light and dark. You gave me confidence and something truly wonderful to perform 52 times. The few weeks of 10 Men we did makes it all the more tragic. I’m just so sad.

    Darren Anderson
  95. Thank you Nigel, for the inspiration, surprise, challenge, courage, originality, force and so much more you gave us. We wanted more. My thoughts are with those you loved and all those who loved you.

    Jeanette Siddall
  96. Dear Nigel, keep dancing where you are. We love you

    Cristina Becker - Transform UK Brasil - British Council London
  97. I am still digesting Nigel’s passing.

    This poem by Mary Oliver comes to mind:
    poem by Mary Oliver:


    When death comes

    like the hungry bear in autumn;

    and takes all the bright coins from his purse

    To buy me, and snaps the purse shut;

    when death comes

    like the measle-pox;

    when death comes

    like an iceberg between the shoulder blades,

    I want to step through the door full of curiosity, wondering:

    what is it going to be like, that cottage of darkness?

    And therefore I look upon everything

    as a brotherhood and a sisterhood,

    and I look upon time as no more than an idea,

    and I consider eternity as another possibility,

    and I think of each life as a flower, as common

    as a field daisy, and as singular,

    and each name a comfortable music in the mouth,

    tending, as all music does, toward silence,

    and each body a lion of courage, and something

    precious to the earth.

    When it’s over, I want to say: all my life

    I was the bride married to amazement.

    I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

    When it’s over I don’t want to wonder

    if I have made of my life something particular, and real.

    I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened,

    or full of argument.

    I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.

    Holly Bright
  98. Thank you Nigel, the broader world of dance and theatre was opened up for many because of your ferocity, your fire, your daring, your refusal to conform, your passion, grit and provocation. A great legacy will continue to inspire, but for those closest to you our thoughts are with you at this sad time xx

    Jane Marescaux
  99. An amazing dancer and choreographer, British dance has lost a shining light.

    Tracy Witney (Northern School of Contemporary Dance)
  100. I never met Nigel, just chanced across a bright trail of beyond belief shapes he made in his work and in his life that touched so many. Deepest condolences, love and strength to his nearest and dearest.

    Fiona Lesley
  101. The house is quiet, but your room and your studio are newly decorated, as per your instructions, should you want to pop by. I will miss you forever. N x

  102. Goodbye, and thanks for all the (Strange) fish..

    The work speaks for itself, and I will never forget the feeling of seeing something really important and truthful as a young dance student in the 1980’s. Condolences to your friends and family..

    Abby Hoffmann
  103. I always associate you with the birth of our first child. People would ask…”and how was the birth?” I was shocked at the question. My answer was always the same…… “ I’ve done harder workshops with Nigel Charnock!” And the thing was…I had.

    Perhaps it was dealing with pain that you taught me, but I think it was a lot deeper than that, a resilience to stay focused and see it through to the end.

    Thank you Nigel

    Debbie Fionn Barr
  104. My greatest honour for an artist who lived his life fully for the dance.
    Rest in peace.

    Anca Huma
  105. Nigel lived his life boldly and has left an indelible mark. He was a riveting performer and a masterful choreographer. One of my abiding memories of him is going to a workshop entitled “Only move if you mean it.” At the beginning, he introduced the workshop and then said, “Oh, if at any point you have any questions… don’t ask them. just do the task.” Scary, inspiring, comical, daring, himself.

    Deepest condolences to Luke and to Nigel’s family and close friends.

    Nick Nuttgens
  106. I am deeply sad to hear this . I met Nigel in the 1990’s at The Third Eye Centre in Glasgow and knew Lloyd Newson too . Great memories of him and what a laugh ! I relished his performances MAGNIFIQUE . What a sad loss .My thoughts are with his family.

    Fiona ALDERMAN Salignac Foundation/ France.
  107. It was twenty years ago today and I was taking a break between film projects. I dropped in to the local arts centre to witness one of your crazy solo shows. In the midst of your enervating performance you paused, shot me a glance, and pushed your way through the audience to drop into my lap. Unexplained, you shot a Polaroid of us together. I still have the image. Thanks for the memory, Nigel.

    Paul Inman
  108. Now this is a huge disappointment. Nigel’s work and way have been so inspiring, so necessary in a world full of plastic and pretend. Thank you, sir, for cutting to the chase and insisting that those around you do the same. And for creating a place and means to do so. Your compassion, your tenderness in the midst of the chaos and honesty have been so compelling, so respectful. I hope you know how much you were loved, Nigel, and by how many. You live. Thank you.

    Holly Bright
  109. A dude of dance. Miraculous creations with DV8 and others. It’s a mystery why some are taken from us. Big up all dancers,artists: get together!

  110. we were working on a show together when Nigel had to withdraw owing to illness. Tonight I saw five beautiful, defiant performers move their bodies beautifully and defiantly, as Nigel had taught them, across the stage – his energy, wit, grace and subversion present, alive, vital.
    how we miss him.

  111. I will always remember what he use to say: “There is no yesterday. There is no tomorrow. Only today.”
    Thank you for everything you said and did, everything I have learnt from you.
    I will always be missing you but remember you forever.

    Janusz Orlik
  112. I remember first watching Nigel in Strange Fish during a Drama lesson at high school and being absolutely speechless. An inspirational performer. Such sad news. My thoughts are with your loved ones x

    Rachael Goodwin
  113. He is not dead for I see him in the faces and personalities of my children

    We used to take baths together and sing together in One Dixon Road
    We used to sit on a book over a roller skate and speed down the hill
    He used to blame me when it was really his fault
    Our mum made all our summer holiday clothes – our favourite where bright yellow spangle shirts
    He threw a pair of scissors at me, and they stuck in my arm
    He would always beat me at fights
    He used to sneak off and play the slot machines
    Our mum used to chase us up stairs when we were naughty – we couldn’t stop laughing
    We used to build dens together
    He was in my gang
    He was my brother

    Andrew Charnock
  114. He was not only inspirational to people in the profession, but as a drama teacher I can truly say he inspired and excited so many, many of my students to create their own work. His fearlessness, wit and humour will be sorely missed.

    Debbie Hewett
  115. In disbelief at the loss of such an inimitable force. Like so many others, I deeply respect Nigel’s raw, celebratory, visceral honesty, which will remain a compass. With great sadness, my thoughts are with Luke and those closest.

    Matthias Sperling
  116. I am very sad to hear this news of Nigel’s death. Too young. I hope the end came gently. I have always admired Nigel greatly, a brightly shining star and a compelling, generous presence in those early DV8 films.

    Katrina McPherson
  117. Un meraviglioso amico incontrato a Venezia e a Milano…non ti dimenticherò

    luisa guadagnino
  118. Dear Nigel,
    Along with many other dance students I have fond memories of watching Strange Fish on VHS many years ago having only just been introduced to physical theatre. I was utterly astounded that a piece of dance could stir so many emotions and say so much to the audience. And so my addiction began. Thank you for being brave enough to make the work you did and for having the balls to live the life you did while the rest of us were trying to catch up.
    A true pioneer and a beacon of truth.
    Hope you’re tearing up the floor wherever you are.

    Nadia Iftkhar
  119. I feel very sad that we will not meet again and will never forget your kindness, nor your brilliance. You shone brightly in life and on stage. Unforgettable Nigel… I send you love, and heartfelt condolences to your partner, friends and family.

    Liv Lorent
  120. Memories… ‘Dead Dreams,’ for a start. A first, quiet and kitchen-set talk at a party. A long and misjudged show in Leicester (directed by but not starring, if memory serves) and a lift back to London with the company and Nigel himself at the wheel, I think – no one asking what I’d thought or felt, and me not foisting my reactions or opinions. But a more than polite and rather delightful ride. Some years later finding out in a post-show talk with Nigel (he’d been brilliant) that critics’ words, incl mine, sometimes induced tears. I loved him for that, for being that vulnerable and honest in public, but then those were among qualities that shone so in the work. I didn’t always connect with what Nigel made – you can’t love anybody’s everything – but by doG he took risks, pushed envelopes, prised open heads and ‘hearts.’

    Just today I came across a bit from a Beckett poem in a book review and said to have been written in response to Petruchio’s line ‘Where is the life that late I led?’ from The Taming of the Shrew: there/ the life late led/ down there/ all done unsaid.

    He burns brightly, in memory untamed…

    Donald Hutera
  121. Deeply saddened. Nigel you were an amazing artist and touched me greatly.

    Michael Wilde
  122. A huge influence, a massive inspiration, an incredible performer and a wonderful person.

    You did what you wanted and got away with it and for that I thank you enormously!

    I feel so lucky to have met you. x

    Helen Gould
  123. An amazing human being. Nigel forever changed my art, my dreams and my heart.

    Kegan Marling
  124. These words by Mike Hadreas are better than any I can muster. A great loss of a wonderful performer.

    Boys that held him dear,
    Do your weeping now,
    All you loved of him lies here,
    Do your weeping now.

    Brought to earth the arrogant brow,
    And the withering tongue,
    Do your weeping now.

    Sing whatever songs are sung,
    Wind whatever wreath,
    For a playmate perished young,
    For a spirit who’s spent in death.

    Boys that held him dear,
    Do your weeping now,
    All you loved of him lies here,
    Do your weeping now.

    Harry Hillery
  125. Mid-nineties we were both participants in a voice workshop at Magdalena Project, Cardiff. Nigel, you tore up the room with your fierce, bright energy and inspired me to be absolutely who I am, thank you.

    Jane Nash
  126. Inspirational artist! Will leave traces in many places and people.

    Claudio Lacerda
  127. There are no words to describe the impact that you have made. You have inspired so many people. The dance community is a small one but one in which you made the biggest impression. In 2010, I took part in one of your classes and left crying with laughter. It was a privilege to have met you. Thank you for giving so much and sharing your energy and passion for dance with so many. You will be greatly missed.

    Hannah Robertshaw
  128. Mate. You were fucking brilliant.

    Sadly missed.


    Sean Wightman
  129. Dear Nigel, Nigelinho, “The Nige” the river that will flow FOR EVER!
    I’m totally sad…devastated…shocked…
    We will miss you so MUCH!
    You are one the MOST AMAZING ARTISTS & HUMAN BEINGS that have ever lived!
    I came to the UK in 1996 because of you and all the DV8 videos I watched in Brazil. In 2005 me and Margaret Swallow had the pleasure to work with you in “Made in Brasil” (by Nigel Charnock & f.a.b. – The Detonators), a show that has changed our lives forever. You are a dance hero, a dance god…how we will carry on without you? Your shows always about LOVE, SEX, DEATH…you were fearless about death and you were FULL OF LIFE! It is strange how the universe chooses our exit. In 52 years of your FABULOUS NIGEL life you lived more than 1000 years of chronological human being time.
    As you used to tell me and Maggi before we went on stage:
    “Go and get them! Detonate them with LOVE!”
    May you dance in heaven, rest in peace dear Nigel!
    You taught us LOVE!
    We will miss you A LOT…A LOT!
    Tiago Gambogi
    Dancer, Choreographer on behalf of f.a.b. – The Detonators

    Tiago Gambogi
  130. I took part in some of Nigel’s movement classes when he worked very briefly as a temorary tutor at the Welsh College of Music & Drama one summer term about 1985/6. I still remember the excitement of getting up in the morning and knowing that we were going to attend his class. We all loved those classes including those of us who were not natural movers or dancers. Thank you Nigel for showing us that dance can be embraced by everyone. I’ll always remember your enthusiasm, your warmth and your fabulous choice of warm up music!

  131. Nigel inspired us to challenge ourselves both physically and emotionally, throwing caution over board by setting daily free improvisations that let the dancers choose their own paths, nudged along by Nigel’s utter belief in them. In the studio Nigel was so alive, so involved that we only needed to see him and his energy to be reminded of what we needed to maintain his piece. When listening to the soundtrack, like a jukebox jumping from one genre of music to another, I hear Nigel’s love and knowledge of music, used to maximum effect. Through his work Nigel allowed a sense of humanity, a humor and a sadness, a wildness and an attention to detail. Above all, never to fake it but to make it real.

    Nigel made STILL for us, a piece about love and loss.
    Nigel, we love you.
    Nigel, we have lost you, but your work and you sprit stays with us and in Candoco’s history forever.
    Thank you.

    Stine Nilsen & Pedro Machado for Candoco Dance Company
  132. was privileged to commission Nigel’s ‘Hell Bent’ with much help from Sarah Trist and Hannah Curr at Ludus (though not un-problematic as Nigel broke his arm in devising) and followed Nigel’s career post Ludus through Lloyd Newson’s DV8 and onwards. Amazing creative talent and inspirational dancer who will be sorely missed …. far too young and to this evil disease

    Linda Prue
  133. what another great loss to the dance world.
    what another great loss period!
    but to have been in your presence and to have shared the some moments behind the myth of the man, however short we may measure the time, the memory is endless.
    you will live on: neither your name, nor energy, nor ideas will pass.
    Darrel Toulon and TanzGraz

    Darrel Toulon
  134. Nigel inspired me right from the moment I first saw the filmed version of strange fish and I was thankful to work with him last summer at Physical Fest. People say you should never meet your idols as you would be let down. Nigel surpassed my exceptions of him in so many ways. And in only the way he could. And I thank him for that and inspiring me to create my own work. This is such a huge loss and my thoughts are with his family and close friends now and always. Nigel this is goodbye for now…

    Lauren Hart
  135. Working with you Nigel made me the person I am professionally and personally. From the first sight of Resurrection I knew you were a remarkable performer and your performance in Strange Fish at Riverside will stay with me until I can’t remember anything anymore – so funny, so sad, so human. Thank you and god bless.

    Sarah Trist
  136. Feel lucky to have briefly worked with Nigel and to be inspired by his incredible un stoppable energy, passion, humour and craziness. Totally inspiring, living life to the full and never losing the energy to ‘move’ amazingly. Will never forget, or stop using Nigel’s brilliant trademark ‘blindfold’ exercises! xxxxx Eli

    Elinor Randle
  137. A blazing performer Mr Charnock, scorching humour and rampant intellect came together in his physical bomb of a body. One in a million that combo.
    He made me laugh, cry, roll around on the floor and dream crazy dreams that creating & performing make a difference. If you can do it like Nigel Charnock did – free of crap, direct to the core, visceral. What an inspirational man. I fucking loved you from afar.
    I fucking love you and will miss all the works that were to come.
    Thanks for all your brilliant work. You energized me in a profound way.

    Kylie Walters
  138. I met Nigel two years ago.
    What impressed and still inspires me is the very peculiar kind of freedom he had. He was a free man, but most of all a free dancer.
    Never improvised as I did with him. A volcano. A hailstorm. A heart bleeding passion and love.
    He hugged me after he saw my first solo, an event that I couldn’t expect and still makes me shiver.
    Freedom, freedom, freedom is the biggest lesson.

    Marco D'Agostin
  139. I saw Nigel perform many times – most memorably his solo shows at The Drill Hall and Jacksons Lane – glorious, wild, dark, funny, heartbreaking

    Angela Clerkin
  140. After starting your career with Ludus Dance it was fabulous to have you back with us in 2010 to make PANDEMONIUM for our triple bill ‘Consequences’. And what a show it was – fast, furious, poignant and fun too. Our audiences loved it, we loved it and we loved working with you. Your energy, passion and commitment to making work for a young audience was inspiring. You will be hugely missed by all. Our thoughts and feelings go out to your loved ones.

    Di Cuming, CEO Ludus Dance
  141. So strange. Though we only briefly met and never worked together, I feel real shock and loss knowing that he is gone. I videographed HellBent in the early 90’s in Glasgow and was overwhelmed with Nigel’s talent, energy, humour and honesty. When I moved to London and saw him running for a bus a few times I felt like i’d just had a privileged peek at a star, heat magazine style, up close, in everyday life – which of course I had. Though I haven’t seen him again for years , in performance or in the street, today I feel cheated and robbed of an amazing friend, inspiration, mentor and collaborator as I’m sure does everyone else. Far too soon. What a guy. Gutted.

    Jami Reid-Quarrell
  142. I bet Nigel would simply laugh or smile and say that to die is not such a big deal…
    This beautiful distance to himself and to life is what I’ve learned from him. For me he is still alive and is still one of the few real authorities in dance I had the luck of meeting. He’s been an inspiring and so wonderfully vital person, one that you’ll well remember for the rest of your life.

    Maciej Kuźmiński
  143. Amazing talent. Amazing legacy.

    Amina Hussain
  144. An inspiration to all those performers who wanted to be themselves.
    Your honesty will be missed.
    rest easy Nigel

    Nikki Betts
  145. Nigel. We are so going to miss you. You were indeed a national treasure, an artist like no other, hugely talented, much loved, inexplicably taken away well before time. Your humility never let you absorb the impact you made, and I know will continue to make on artists and audiences across the globe. Dance shifted its identity when you walked into the studio. You liberated the body politic and paved the way for a whole new art within the form.
    My thoughts are with Luke, your family and friends.

    Janet Archer
  146. We were touched by your energy,creativity and honesty, by your generous teaching and the poignant and moving performances you shared with all of us.Thankyou Nigel.
    Your courage was enormous, and remains an inspiration.

    we will miss you.
    We extend love to all of Nigel’s family and friends.

    susan quinn
  147. Nigel – yours was a rare and original voice that constantly cast new light and forced us to think differently. You touched so many lives and have been taken from us far too soon.

    Unforgettable and greatly missed.

    Rachel Gibson
  148. A true original, whose work left afterimages that refuse to fade. He was one of those artists about whom future generations of dance students, dancers, audiences and critics will be saying: “I wish I’d seen Nigel Charnock.”

    Phyllida Shaw
  149. Dear Nigel,

    Wherever you are, be assured that it was all absolutely worth it and that you were loved- incredibly, miraculously loved from the bottom of our hearts. From the moment I first saw you perform in the Leadmill in 1980-something to the time I saw 10 men at BDE, you reminded me always of why we should all bother. I’m staggered that you have gone. But thank you for everything.

    Antony Waller
  150. This is a massive loss to the dance community. Such an inspiring man who’s work was courageous and brave, and always executed with integrity. Gone too soon, much too soon.

    Lycy Coogan
  151. Ah Nigel. You were a supernova barely incarnate. We were fortunate to have bathed in your light. With love

    Michelle Richecoeur
  152. Since hearing of his illness I have been quietly reflecting on the compellingly kinetic exuberance of Nigel’s performing, his quick mind and fierce vulnerability. I still remember and reproduce workshop moves learnt with him, arms flailing across the floor, full-bodied falling runs and sudden changes of weight and tempo. His choreography let me in and now we let him go to be at peace. Sending condolences to his circle of friends who have held him close through his last days.

    Carol Brown
  153. Nigel’s work didn’t just touch my life, or move me; it went right in & grabbed my heart and soul. Utterly life-transforming performances that left me open-mouthed and incredulous at so much beauty, so much truth, so much humanity. Rest in peace, Mr Charnock, you made such a huge difference!

    Berthold Schoene
  154. devastating…Nigel, the kinetic genius of the universe has been dimmed with your absence. RIP.

    Carolyn Deby
  155. Vital, energetic, fierce, funny…Nigel was one of a kind who constantly challenged the boundaries of performance. I was privileged to see Nigel in DV8 and followed his career constantly. It is so tragic and sudden. 

    A shining light has dimmed but our memories of your immeasurable contribution to contemporary dance will stay with us forever. We are all deeply saddened by his sudden death and our condolences to his partner, family and friends.

    Gary Everett Artistic Director Homotopia
  156. After all you joined Facebook… I’m about to cry but fortunately you taught me how to laugh… I have not much to say now… Thank you! I’m glad to see, know and work with you! You will be missed but you’ll never be forgotten. The rest is silence… and loud music!

    Milan Ujvari
  157. Nigel WHO?
    And THAT’S what he’s all about for me… For when the cautious and disapproving are off tut-tutting such an irreverent remark, that’s exactly when Nigel gets it, he just GETS it.
    And oh how I loved him for getting it! After his cancer was confirmed, I was by coincidence in Jerusalem presenting a new performance of his, so it seemed geographically appropriate to test out his God theory: namely, that He doesn’t exist. I placed a written request in a crack of the purportedly potent Western Wall asking for Nigel to be cured, and informed Nigel of such. Of course we didn’t believe it would work, and of course Nigel was amused to prove the point, to prove that what he had always known. Christ, what a man he was. As was Nigel, hohoho! Come back Luv, come back (and Frankly, if anyone can, it very likely will be you!)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE to you, oh so much love to you. Oh, Dear, how I will miss you so very, very much: who is going to make me giggle and swear and sweat now, eh?
    In my head, in my heart.

    Mister Winter
  158. As we never meet in this life I was capptured by his energy and his warmnest and of coures amazing talent first time that I sow him performing at beginning of 80ties.He was true lider of new dance and physical thetare movement at that time and made a big impact on me and all my coleques in Croatia.

    God bless you and rest in peace Mr Charnok!

    Zak Valenta
  159. Damn it Nigel. Who’s going to tell it like it is now… The vivid memory of you wildly singing and dancing on the green carpet of the Southbank Centre. To Keith Jarrett’s music. For the hell of it. For the beauty of it. Damn it.

    Eva Martinez
  160. what a fucking laugh he had and how he could break your heart. Happy travels Nigel and to all those that are left behind.

    Anton Skrzypiciel
  161. A beacon of light has tragically gone out.
    For a fierce radical, you were always a gentleman to work with, and always displayed respect for our production team.
    Your consummate professionalism, furious energy, quiet dignity, wicked humour and ground-breaking inventiveness have inspired and entertained me for over 25 years… and I don’t dance.
    Since you first leapt into the darkness with “My sex, our dance” at the greenroom, you always brought surprise and wonder to your audience. I always believed you inadvertently invented Big Brother when you toured The Room and I still use and re-use your set.
    Nearly a quarter century later you were still able to dazzle with the spectacular Frank.
    Your artistic and maverick legacy will survive to inspire many generations.

    Steve Curtis
  162. Just speechless over here in California. Such fire, honesty, beauty and commitment. Saw many solo shows in London many years ago, and each one managed to catch us just a little bit off balance. Thank you.

    Nicole Richter
  163. I’m so sorry for this :'(

  164. What a truly LOVELY, man and a truly huge loss at such a young age. Nigel has no doubt left a remarkable legacy behind. He had a huge impact on my training with MapDance this year, he was the biggest inspiration in the shortest amount of time that he came to work with us. The Charnock experience was full of messy jumps, fun dancing, and being wrapped in foil. His approach to creating work will remain with me as I begin my professional dance career. I feel very privileged to have met such a wonderful and intriguing personality.
    Much love and comforting thoughts to his loved ones at this very sad time.

    Tara Baker
  165. Both a very gentle and very wild spirit at the same time. I had the privilege of both feeling his healing hands and watching his superb and outrageous performances. He was a truly great “one-off”.

    Guy Dartnell
  166. this man was the person who taught me that performance was more than i thought. he expanded my horizons, he broke the rules and he always performed with all his heart and soul and mind. if it wasn’t for him i would never have learnt the greatest lesson of all…to be fearless and to work like an athlete and tell stories with all the passion of a poet.
    i am going to miss you

    miltos yerolemou
  167. I loved coming to see you perform as a young recently out gay man in the 90s and I had the extraordinary pleasure of a three day workshop which was a huge inspiration to me. So sad that you’re no longer with us.

    Daron Oram
  168. Dear Nigel
    So sad. So many amazing moments – a beautiful & powerful performer. Witty & honest. Farewell.

    Malcolm ridley
  169. So sad you aren’t here to make any more work for us to enjoy.
    But SO HAPPY that once you were.
    Thank you

    Lou Cope & Kristian Steffes
  170. Thank you Nigel for all that you taught us through your naked vulnerability and humour and irreverence and neurosis and wildness and for insisting that the personal is political. I sincerely salute your life and work. We need more like you. Many, many more.

    Charlotte Vincent
  171. What an amazing performer, absolutely terrifying but mesmerising at the same time. He got my full attention when I saw him in DV8 many many years ago. He was an inspiration, unique and one of a kind.

    David Bingham
  172. Not now, not yet, such unexpected and deeply sad news. I thought and will always think of Nigel as an extraordinary creator and communicator.

    Rachel Freeman
  173. Nigel you truly were an inspiration. You will be sadly missed x

    Hayley Ovens
  174. Dearest Nigel

    Hard to imagine that the incredible life force that was you has left us – so soon! Ever since early days touring with you in Ludus in the 80’s, team teaching workshops to 10 year olds in Leigh (how those kids adored you!), and your solo performances you’ve been a massive inspiration. Your passion, commitment, honesty, never settling from what you didn’t believe in – all these will continue to inspire me, and many others. Thank you for giving us so much, for making us laugh, and cry, and never letting us forget the vibrancy of life. So privileged to have known and worked with you… (will remember fondly your powerful singing too). Hugs to your loved ones, xx

    Sally O'Donnell
  175. Nigel Charnock a truly inspiring individual, Dancer, Choreographer and talented Actor. I first came across your work whilst I was studying Drama at Lancaster University. Your installation in the Nuffield Studio was the type of work to which I had not had much exposure to at the time. Very little was inspiring me during a tough module and I went to see to your work in the hope that I may be inspired and find a performance to write about. I did. It was revolutionary and full of wit, humour and totally amazing dance, as a drama specialist I was in total admiration of the Dance side of my course .. I learnt and continue to learn so much from Dance Practitioners. I was lucy enough to meet Nigel years later through Ludus Dance (Where Nigel worked as a young and talented dancer) when he returned to Choreograph Consequences and even paid a visit to my house. I was able to chat to Nigel about my Uni experience of his work. He totally humble and full of integrity and was amazed that his work was taught and commented upon. We shall miss you so much. Shine bright and dance in our skies above. I am so lucy to have met you.

    liz Cogan
  176. My father, Kenneth took me to see you in DV8 in the 1980s. We were completely gobsmacked by the bravery and inventiveness of your performance. A pioneer, you will be missed.

    Charlotte MacMillan
  177. Such sad news but such compelling memories.

    Lesley Main
  178. You are in our hearts!

    Stijn Celis
  179. A true pioneer. A wonderful inspiration. A breath-taking performer.

  180. Nigel in Venice, Nigel in Milan, Nigel on the boat, Nigel on the bus, Nigel in heaven mocking the Gods.
    Looking at you one thinks such an energy would never get to an end. But I can see you flying and gently dancing in a brilliant green field like the one painted on the back of your old company head paper. And sadly today I keep in myself the generosity of your body and the poetry of your soul.
    Please Shine in Light and Love for ever.

    Rino De Pace
  181. Thank you Nigel. Your sexy, wiry body running around the stage, your words scatter-gun, your hands moving constantly, your vital, unique physical jerkiness, the jokes bubbling up, just out of your head… your inimitable film performances that educated us all, your humour shining through all you do, your compassion, your insecurity shared as a gift, your jump off the twenty foot ladder… your frank honesty, your nerve… just the balls of you. That incredible closing performance at Leeds BDE when you told the story of the diamond thief on the train-ride through India. Turns out the diamond was you. Is you.

    Fleur Darkin
  182. I’m so shocked and sad. I was at Drama College in Cardiff with Nigel when we were both really young. We had some great laughs together and performed together at the Edinburgh Fringe. He was totally dedicated to his craft, an amazing performer and person. Love you Nigel.

    Mair Llewellyn
  183. I didn’t know much about your work a half year ago. But after working with you, I noticed what an amazing person you are, both personal and professional.

    You went too soon


    Iris De Hertogh
  184. Dear Nigel, in my experience of working with you I was struck by your care-your care for your work, your care for the dancers and the people you were working with. I learnt that care comes with passion- not carefulness- with daring and doing again and again. Thank you for this insight. My warmest thoughts are with your nearest.

    Stine Nilsen
  185. I shall be forever in awe of you; beautiful, shining, crazy, talented, shameless…thank you so so much for all that you gave, it truly was an honor and privilege to have known you. I will miss you deeply yet know you’ll be out there, someplace, still up to no good and cranking up the queerness, enjoy! All my love to you and to those you love.

    Khamlane Halsackda
  186. Goodness.

    Nigel I danced with you after an interview in a cafe. Heroine is so many years ago, but I still remember with great fondness. Such a kind and generous man, I trusted you implicitly and to dance with you was moving, challenging and exhilarating.

    I feel very sad,

    Marcus Green
  187. Still in complete shock. So not fair. You were such an inspiration to me and like so many people on here, was one of the reasons I wanted to be a performer. I feel so lucky to have been able to be in your company and see you work over the past few years. Loved how you made me say such foul words during an improv on the Clore ballroom Floor at SBC. Still makes me smile thinking about it and how much trouble you nearly got Candoco in hahaha…. such a great week.

    Also thinking of my dear friend Luke at this time. The two of you made each other so happy.

    Rest in peace you crazy, loud amazing man…. your legacy will live on through so many of us. National treasure- YES indeed.


    Sarah Blanc
  188. Many , many memories. A great loss.

    Janet Fieldsend
  189. Dear Nigel – I knew it was coming but silenced and tearful nonetheless. You were so daring, funny and touching. You made me feel I knew you which of course I didn’t. I wish more of us had your courage, compassion, vulnerability and wit.
    Simon Murray (Glasgow)

    Simon Murray
  190. Meeting you as a young artist and sitting alongside you in the Ludus collective was fun, exciting, challenging, inspirational, sometimes scary, but never dull. An extraordinary young man you never wasted time. Every moment was special in its own way, packed with curiosity, questioning and most importantly, living! Your disappointing tones often sit on my shoulder.
    Your performance as the daughter in ‘Cut to Ribbons’ was radical, powerful, beautiful, angry and astonishing which captivated the imagination of thousands of young men and women in schools across the UK. Working with you again in 2010 warmed my heart in so many ways. PANDEMONIUM woke a new generation. Thank you for being you. I am privileged to have met, known and worked with you. XXX

    Gil Graystone
  191. so sudden, who would have thought in February watching his new project coming to life at Greenwhich Dance … and he so full of life! Nigel will be sorely missed – he has inspired us in so many ways as friend, colleague and artist; he will be remembered here in vancouver and in Canada for his collaborative efforts, and by so many around the world….and his courage to present his work during the war in Croatia when so many artists declined inspired many…
    Mirna Zagar, Executive Director, The Dance Centre, Vancouver, BC
    & Artistic Producer Dance Week Festival, Croatia

    Mirna Zagar
  192. Farewell Nigel!
    Thank you that we had you in this world.You’ve got the artists back to the Art. You’ve saved their souls. You were changing people’s lives!
    We know that you will not let us get along the way.

    Rossen Mihailov, Heteropodi Dance Co., Sofia, Bulgaria
  193. Hard to think of Nigel as still, when every atom of his being inspired movement. My son and I were fortunate to spend time chilling with him in the early days of Ludus and DV8. He was generous, funny and fearless. Hugs for his beloved. xx

  194. 15 years ago I watched you open the eyes (and scare) the ‘twirlies’ in the theatre at uni. From that moment I knew that dance had appeared in my life as a tool for change. Thank you-a true genius, gone too soon x

    April Inglis
  195. Nigel was a true inspiration for many. His work was bold and daring, crossing boundaries and taboos mixed with gentle comic relief.

    A pioneer that will sadly be missed but greatly remembered.

    Stephan Silver
  196. thank you for your beautiful, brave performances, nigel, your teaching, your energy, your humour – you made a huge difference to me and many many others x

    david williams
  197. Such sad news and a sad day. We were so happy to coproduce Nigel´s new piece which seemed so funny and promising and to finally host him at Hellerau. He will not be forgotten. Many condolences to his family and friends.

    Carmen Mehnert and HELLERAU Dresden
  198. Strange Fish, you will be sorely missed.

    Sam McAuley
  199. Working with you over the past few years has been one of the most inspiring and happy times of my life.
    I love you and miss you. You will continue to be with me through out everything I do. You gave so much to many artist and audiences. I love you and miss you my dear friend. Xx

    George Adams
  200. Performances that were exhilarating, exceptional, sometimes excrutiating. An artist who was never ordinary, always uncompromising. Beautiful as a young man, extraordinary as an older one. A force of nature in British dance for thirty years. Many people in the world saw dance for the first time through Nigel and he worked with the British Council almost everywhere. Colleagues around the world are thinking about him today and reliving funny, moving and memorable moments.

    Gregory Nash, Director Arts Wider Europe, British Council
  201. We are really sad to hear such news.
    A huge loss for dance.
    Our thoughts are with Nigel’s family and friends.

    Akram Khan Company
  202. Such a wonderful person. A fantastic performer, beautiful in every way.
    Such a terrible loss.
    Thankyou for your contribution to the dance and theatre world.

    Hayli Clifton
  203. I remember seeing Nigel perform with Lloyd Newson in My Sex our Dance in the 1980s at the Hackney Empire. I had just started my undergraduate degree at Laban and the performance blew my mind. What energy and commitment. And every time I saw Nigel perform after that he gave so much so honestly. A great loss. RIP.

    Kate Lawrence
  204. My thoughts of love to all those closest. Nigel was an inspiration to work with. To the lighthouse , with love from ann

    Ann Dewey
  205. I remember when I saw him in Milan, I thought he had the longer body, legs and arm I ever had seen on stage, because he could fill the space with his presence. I stil can fill that energy!
    We miss you.

  206. I loved working with Nigel, I loved being with Nigel, a beautiful, beautiful man.

    Hugo Glendinning
  207. I feel pretty shocked by the news. Nigel was such a vital and fearless force on stage, one of the few performers with the power to make you gasp at his physical virtuosity and his lance-like wit. When I was dance student in the 90’s I remember approaching him after a show and he was warm and generous. An inspirational man.

    Adam Murby
  208. I cannot believe this man has passed away at the stupidly young age of 51… Nigel Charnock was an inspiration to me at college with his intimate, honest, open, challenging performance style and physical theatre which made everything else pale into insignificance…. I was privileged to do some open classes with him and boy this was the experience fantastic (and challenging and intimate!)… I love you Mr Charnock, may your passing be as graceful and full hearted as your time here on Earth :-(

    Stephanie Bailey
  209. Though I met Nigel more than a few times, I never told him that it was he – more than anyone – that got me into contemporary dance. Maybe I thought he wouldn’t have cared. But Nigel, on TV in those early, incendiary DV8 works, and even more in bringing his work to crappy theatres in the sticks like the Arnold Leisure Centre and Clarendon Community College, showed me how this art form could, and should, be passionate and urgent. He was exactly the sort of artist that I wanted work with. I’m so glad that I did, just a little. Thank you, Nigel

    Tim Wood
  210. Thank you Nigel for all the beauty; for amazing me as an audience member, exhausting me whilst workshopping and inspiring me as a performer. I am so sad to hear this dreadful news.
    The world has lost a true artist.

    Caz Tricks
  211. A tour de force
    I was as equally inspired as I was frightened by your energy when participating in your classes. I’ve never experienced anything like it.
    Such an intriguing artist, such a wonderful person, such a tragic loss.
    Rest in peace

    E Dunster
  212. All of us at The Place are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of such a great and remarkable artist. Nigel was an alumnus of our School and a familiar presence on our stage and in our studios. Nigel’s boundless energy, piercing honesty, sardonic wit, and fearless, no holds barred approach to performance were familiar trademarks of all his work; his ability to reach under the skin of the audience was unique; he was capable of provoking laughter and tears in equal measure, in a way that caught one by surprise. Those who knew Nigel off-stage couldn’t fail to be touched by his deep humanity, his passion for people, his modesty, generosity, and his love of music. Nigel will be sorely missed.

    Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp, Chief Executive, The Place
  213. So many beautiful words here, such a measure of the man. A sad day, my thoughts are with family and friends x

    Jo Stendall
  214. I was privileged to know Nigel and experience his work at first hand. His death is truly devastating – too soon, too young. He changed the face of dance and theatre and his influence will live on long after his death. A tragic day.

    Philip Ralph
  215. nigel – i think of you, walking tall and most glamorous in high heels, with the stones blasting from the stereo, you shaking the ground, moving my heart and touching my dance soul. you will be forever missed, forever (mis)understood and forever moving.

  216. Such a phenomenal loss, he was in inspirational man who contributed so greatly to the arts world. Thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time. May his legacy and memory live on and mould his mark in dance and theatre history.

    Hannah Jelliman
  217. You were such an inspirational performer for so many and such a lovely man. Someone who could make an audience laugh one minute and cry the next. A profound talent who will always be remembered. R.I.P Nigel.

    Fiona Edwards
  218. Fearless passionate strong willed sexy athlete long legged stallion that took my breath away and always will

  219. Such such sad news, the dance world has lost a truly astounding choreographer and performer. Nigel’s work made me feel and experience performance like never before. His daring, unapologetic and utterly human approach to dance was refreshing and hugely enjoyable. Without knowing it, Nigel has spurred on and inspired many performers, myself included.

    Kimberley Harvey
  220. Dear Nigel,
    Doing a classes and workshops with you was like opening myself to all the things you want to do and feel when you move…you filled myself and everyone in the room with excitement, laughter, joy, appreciation, possibilities, danger, lightheartedness and energy to name but a few. As a dancer you gave me the will to push myself into increasingly more outrageous and fabulous places. As a human being you gave me the overwhelming feeling of vibrant life.
    Keep on moving whatever, wherever!

  221. I met you once, face to face, that moment was enough to change and shape me into a better person and artist. Touched by his words and spirit since and the lives and inspiration for so so many. God rest your beautiful soul.

    Amandine Limtouch Dance
  222. Dear Nigel,
    I cannot believe what I’ve just learned thru facebook! I cannot believe we have lost you. But we didn’t: you will allways be in our hearts and souls.
    I will never forget the magical moments that you offered us in Lisbon some years ago. It was such an honour to work with you and be around you, such a special human being.
    You will never disappear.
    Love You,

    Diniz Sanchez
  223. Nigel was the cause of much intense emotions through his work and anarchic personality – I think he was the person who made me laugh the most in a dance piece – but I think this is the first time I experience sadness when thinking of him. A deep, orphaning and slightly angry sadness.

    Pedro Machado
  224. Dear Nigel,

    20 years ago, you and your incredible work turned my life into new directions.
    Your powerful and humorous veracity stays unique.
    Thank you forever for our constantly inspiring collaboration.
    With a weeping heart my thoughts are with you, your family and friends.
    Yours in love
    Vera Firmbach

    Vera Firmbach
  225. I worked for Nigel for a short time in the late nineties – what a wonder.
    It is so shocking to hear of his sudden death – all that energy – where does it go…….
    He inspired me and many many many others.
    Love for him remains….

    Caroline Locke
  226. My thoughts go out to friends and family.
    I enjoyed participating in two of his fantastic workshops (one with Gay Sweatshop) in the late 90s, and carry his amazing exercises with me through to today.
    Always, always got the best out of people.
    A truly incredible and inspirational artist.

    Peter Mountford
  227. Dear Nigel,

    20 years ago, you and your incredible work turned my life into new directions. Your powerful and humorous veracity stays unique.
    Thank you forever for our constantly inspiring collaboration.
    With a weeping heart all my thoughts are with you,your family and friends.
    Yours in love

    Vera Firmbach
  228. Very sad to hear the news. His work will live on through those of us who lecture about contemporary dance and physical theatre. I am thankful for his wonderful reflections on performance as well as his dancing! Many condolences to his friends and family.

    Stacey Prickett
  229. I vividly remember watching Nigel perform ‘One Dixon Road’ in 2010, when I was starting out at LCDS, and was astounded by his honesty and passion. The ticket and postcard are still on my bedroom wall. You have been such massive inspiration and will be missed greatly.

    James Morgan
  230. It was with deep deep sorrow that I read of Nigel’s untimely death; such a great and radical spirit and such an inspiration. Far too young to die. You will be sorely missed.

    Dora Frankel
  231. I managed a tour for Nigel very early on in my career. He was lovely in spite of my mistakes. He was an amazing performer who never ceased to inspire. The world will be a less interesting place without him.

    Jo Holding
  232. you were so inspiring, encouraging and a genius…thank you for your vision and artistry…thank you for being such a fine example of humility…thank you for leading the way for generations of male artists to celebrate their identities…RIP

    Mavin Khoo
  233. Very sad to hear the news about Nigel, a great loss to British dance. Ifeel privileged that his work with National Theatre Wales can be seen this week at Wales Millennium Centre.

    Louise Miles-Crust
  234. Nigel- you leave such a huge hole, you’re a total inspiration; you made me want to forge a place for myself in dance. You will always be running, leaping, questioning, shouting, and singing around in my mind and heart.

    Wieke Eringa
  235. A very sad loss to the world of dance. Our thoughts are with all your friends and family today.

    Sanjivan Kohli & Shobana Jeyasingh Dance
  236. Remembered as irreverant, funny and a hell of a mover. Sorry to hear this news,

    Jake Untied
  237. Dear Nigel
    Nobody will ever forget the talent and inspiration that now form part of your legacy from the other side. May you dance in the sky, as precious as each time you stole hearts here on earth. Sleep well xx

    Tristesse James
  238. He was a great inspiration watching his work in DV8 during my studies. Such loss is indescribable…

    Kayla St Claire
  239. Nigel was the artist that made sense of dance for me. His bold work made our world a more fun and interesting place to be. I’m sad we’ll not spend more time with him in Nottingham. A place that embraced his energy and that he knew believed and loved him.

    You’ll be missed terribly by us all.

    Paul Russ, Dance4
  240. As a student and then as an emergent artist, the critical vitality of Nigel Charnock greatly influenced what I thought performance and art may be possible of. I will remain indebted and grateful that I was witness to him and am grieved that the future may not allow for direct encounters with his extraordinary energy, wit and skill. However, his legacy shall of course remain in those who experienced or witnessed his creative drive and works.

    Jason E. Bowman
  241. I am deeply saddened by this news. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. He was a true pioneer and an incredible character. I have found memories of studying his work whilst working for DV8 amongst others during college, and had the fantastic opportunity to met him during Candoco dance companies international lab at the south bank last october. He will be greatly missed. X

    Mike Williams (Ffin dance, Wales)
  242. From the thrill of first seeing you in DV8’s “Dead Dreams” to watching Louise Lecavalier performing your choreography earlier this year…. your presence has been uncompromising and inspirational. I am shocked and saddened by the news of your passing. May we continue to be inspired…

    Graeme Rose
  243. Nigel, you inspired me as a young man during my dance A-Level, I watched you perform while training at Laban and was thrilled to have taken class with you just a few months ago. Thank you. you’ll be hugely missed!

    Kyle Stevenson
  244. I was so deeply sadden to hear the news of Nigel Charnock’s death, he was a true veteran and pioneer of dance, such daring performances and energy.  I have fond memories of his work particularly his time with DV8,  during my studies. May his legacy live on through his inspirational work.

    Gone to Soon

    Iyshea Hunte – Tavaziva Dance
  245. A true Maverick, lost to us all to soon, British Dance is a emptier place today without you. Thoughts with all who shared his life and work.

    David Edmunds
  246. I had the pleasure of being in the studio with Nigel at the start of my career and I don’t think I have ever met anyone since, that had the same ferocious energy and vitality. A very special man who pushed the art form and his body to the limits. You will be greatly missed Nigel xx

    Sacha Lee
  247. Thank you for the fearless thoughts you danced for us to think.

    Gitta Wigro
  248. My most recent memory of Nigel – an inspiring performance with Gwilym Simcock at the Purcell Room, it brought generous life to the whole space and for me reanimated the idea of improvisation as performance. With deep gratitude for your spark and persistent questioning of rules.

    Rachel Gomme
  249. Utterly stunned by this awful and sad news. This man brought a new attitude to the dance world and inspired us all to leap out of our comfort zones not only as dancers but as human beings……keep dancing in heaven you truely phenomenal man x x x x

    Laura Anne
  250. I had the privilage to work with Nigel around christmas time with mapdance, he is an inspiration to everyone, full of light and fun. My experience of working with him and dancing his choreography will never be forgotten. Such sad news.

    Amba Potter
  251. Such an inspiration to so many people.This is a tragic loss to British Dance and the dance world in general.my thoughts are with Nigel’s family and close friends

    Sally Edwards
  252. Our world of dance is broken hearted. Nigel, your work made me laugh and cry, cringe and explode with joy. Never forgotten.

    Gemma Collard-Stokes
  253. Such a loss to the dance world. He has and will continue to insipre so many dancers…young and old. So very sad x

  254. I was fortunate enough to see Nigel Charnock work with fellow students
    at the Laban CAT. He radiated energy and passion and inspired all of us to be braver..
    Thank you

    Rebecca Donnelly
  255. Dear Nigel
    I remember singing with you in an improv at the Pal Dance Lab some years ago. It was one of the those magical experiences that began with complete surprise and then morphed into pure joy…. just for a moment. You will be missed so much – you defined the term fierce – a trickster who, without exception, always made us sit up and live with a little more vibration. My deepest thoughts are with Luke and your family. Love to you dear man x

    Ben Wright
  256. Shocked by this huge loss. An amazing, fearless, daring performer/choreographer and a lovely, lovely man…

    Chris Nash
  257. Such a sudden loss for us all. An absolute inspiration…took life and work by the scruff of the neck. So very sad. x

    Cath James and the Take Art team
  258. So sad, so shocked. I feel that I have grown up alongside Nigel, and have always been completely impressed and delighted at his work, looking forward to the next part of his creative genius ! what a loss to British Dance. x

    Alison Swann
  259. an inspiration, a maverick and a delightful human being. Nigel, you’ll be greatly missed.

    Jamie Watton and South East Dance

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